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Does Environment And Genetics Affect Behavior And Intelligence?

Answer:- Intelligence is a complicated trait impacted by both environmental and hereditary variables. It is a characteristic that allows one to learn from experiences and adapt to changes in the environment. These characteristics include critical thinking, analysing, problem solving, reasoning ability, comprehension of challenging situations, abstract thinking, and others. The intelligence quotient can be used to assess these (IQ). The differences and similarities in IQ levels among families can aid in understanding the role of genes. Along with heredity, one’s environment has a significant impact on intellect. According to geneticists, genes have a substantial influence on behaviour. They contend that genetics play a significant effect in personality. Findings based on evidence of researched behaviour with a significant degree of genetic effect claim that this influence progressively develops as one approaches adulthood. Furthermore, the majority of studied behavioural features are regulated by a collection of genes with minor individual effects. Because genes are heritable, they influence researched behavioural features and problems. The majority of this evidence comes from the ‘Twin Studies,’ which claim that twins have more similarities than fraternal twins.

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