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How are sperms transferred from male to female in humans? 

Answer:  Semen is ejaculated by the penis during mating. It includes thousands of tiny sperms. Splendido enters the uterus when the male ejaculates in the woman’s genital or vagina. Most sperms die in the acidic fluids surrounding the vagina, fail to enter due to flow back, or travel towards the walls of the cervix into dead-end pathways, so less than 1% make it into the cervix.

On the other hand, the sperms that are left (10000+) approach the oviduct, where the ovaries release eggs that move half way down the uterine tube. Of these, only 1000 reach the fallopian tube because to the uterotubal mucus lining. Most sperms perish or stick to the oviduct lining at this time.

For fertilizations, one sperm enters the egg, while the other sperms are pushed out by the zona response, making it impenetrable to sperms.

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