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How many types of environment are there?

Answer: The environment is our immediate surroundings, containing both living and non-living elements. It can refer to the built, natural, or social environment. The environment greatly influences one’s behavior and cognition. Any change in a living organism is tied to a change in his immediate environment.


There are two environments:

  • Geographical Environment
  • Man-made Environment

Geographical Environment

It is made up of all natural components and is so called the natural environment. It is often referred to as the physical environment. Humans do not need to exist for these circumstances to occur. Humans cannot always control the physical conditions of the environment.

Climate change is a result of natural resources being depleted and climatic elements being altered. It also refers to biological circumstances like plant and animal complexities. The sustainability of natural resources is recognised to benefit a country’s economy.

Man-Made Environment

Humans have developed this habitat to govern and monitor specific environmental variables. Some call it a social-cultural milieu. It has two types of environments.

  • Inner Environment
  • Outer Environment

The Inner Environment:

It is a social environment that exists alongside a society. It concerns laws, customs, organisations, and institutions. Every human group has its own customs and folkways. It is called non-material culture, social heritage, etc. This inheritance is vital to human social existence and is recognised to have an impact on an individual’s life. The altered form of the economic and physical environment — man-made environment – is considered as two distinct characteristics.

The Outer Environment:

Humans have attempted to influence their physical environment through scientific and technological advances. This outside environment comprises modern infrastructure in cities, our residences and their amenities, our modes of communication and transportation, our resorts to conveniences and luxury, many industries making luxurious commodities, electrical appliances, and so on.

The inner and exterior environments are inextricably linked.

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