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What Are The Six Different Major Levels Of Organization?

Answer:- More than any other species, living organisms are highly structured and ordered. They adhere to a simple hierarchy that may be analysed on a scale ranging from the smallest to the largest.

There are six major organisational levels.

Ecologists investigate the organization’s six major tiers. The levels in the hierarchical order are listed below:

  • Individual – An individual is a single unit or living thing that serves as the foundation of an ecosystem.
  • Population – It is a collection of people who live at a specified time in a specific location.
  • Community – Different populations may coexist in a given location. It usually encompasses biodiversity as well as the population of different kinds and organisms.
  • Ecosystem – An ecosystem is made up of several living communities or entities that interact with their surroundings and the environment.
  • Biome – A biome is an environment that has animals and plants from a given place that share some traits with other habitats.
  • Biosphere – A biosphere encompasses all habitats and biomes. It is a collection of all ecosystems that represent the different zones of life on Earth, such as the land, atmosphere, and water.

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