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What Is An Endothermic Animal?

Answer:- Warm-blooded animals are referred to as endotherms, as the name implies. They are the creatures that keep their body temperature constant regardless of the outside temperature. Endothermic animals are primarily found in the animal kingdom’s birds and mammals. Some fish, however, are endothermic.

Endotherms: Warm-blooded Animals

If there is a fluctuation, that is, if the heat created is less than the heat lost, the metabolic rate increases to compensate for the loss. Humans and most other warm-blooded creatures utilise shivering to boost their body temperature. Endotherms, unlike ectotherms, can survive and remain active at lower ambient temperatures.

They do, however, require more food in order to keep a consistent temperature. As a result, in order to survive in cooler temperatures, they require more fats and sugars to produce heat. Endothermic animals create heat from their interior organs.

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