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03 PhD Positions Fully Funded at University of Freiburg, Germany

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University of Freiburg, Germany invites online Application for number of  Fully Funded PhD Degree at various Departments. We are providing a list of Fully Funded PhD Programs available at University of Freiburg, Germany.

Eligible candidate may Apply as soon as possible.

(01) PhD Degree – Fully Funded

PhD position summary/title: PhD research position in the project Bioinspired Plant-hybrid Materials

The Bioinspired Plant-hybrid Materials Group is seeking a highly motivated PhD candidate! The Bioinspired Plant-hybrid Materials Group is led by Isabella Fiorello, a Junior Group Leader with over 6 years of experience in smart materials, plant biomechanics, and soft robotics ( Our research focuses on developing a new class of bioinspired miniaturized materials capable of precisely interacting with complex, unstructured surfaces for applications in precision agriculture, aerospace, and soft robotics.

Deadline :  10.11.2023

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(02) PhD Degree – Fully Funded

PhD position summary/title: PhD research position in the project Bottom-up Design of Adaptive Materials from Redox Responsive Building Blocks

Key inspiration for the development of live-like materials is Nature itself and its assembly of complex systems from small building blocks such as amino acids or monosaccharides. In this project we follow this bottom-up approach but with the tools of synthetic chemistry, where our smallest building blocks are functional groups such as thiols and catechols. Here we choose redox-sensitive functional groups that can undergo both, reversible and irreversible oxidation upon different trigger (e.g. electrochemically) or by addition of a fuel (e.g. hydrogen peroxide). Through modern polymer chemistry, we then introduce such groups into polymeric building blocks going from small to macromolecules. These macromolecules are designed in a way that they can form materials, e.g. through network formation or self-assembly. Through our bottom-up design, we enable this material formation and resulting material properties to become adaptive. The project work will involve both synthesis and material analysis and characterization, e.g., solid phase polymer chemistry and controlled radical polymerizations, fluorescence spectroscopy and microscopy, rheology and AFM.

Deadline :  06.11.2023

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(03) PhD Degree – Fully Funded

PhD position summary/title: PhD student (f/m/d) to study “Proteolytic processes in kidney disease on a proteome-wide scale”

Our team( studies biological signaling and protein function on a proteome-wide scale using mass spectrometry. A major focus of our research are dynamic proteolytic processes regulating protein abundance, function and interactions, with broad relevance in for biomedicine and bioeconomy. In a collaborative project we aim to systematically identify proteolytic processing events associated with podocyte injury and determine their functional consequences for protein structure and function.

Deadline :  27.11.2023

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About The University of Freiburg, Germany  –Official Website

The University of Freiburg , officially the Albert Ludwig University of Freiburg is a public research university located in Freiburg im Breisgau, Baden-Württemberg, Germany. The university was founded in 1457 by the Habsburg dynasty as the second university in Austrian-Habsburg territory after the University of Vienna. Today, Freiburg is the fifth-oldest university in Germany, with a long tradition of teaching the humanities, social sciences and natural sciences and technology and enjoys a high academic reputation both nationally and internationally. The university is made up of 11 faculties and attracts students from across Germany as well as from over 120 other countries. Foreign students constitute about 18.2% of total student numbers.

The University of Freiburg has been associated with figures such as Martin Heidegger, Hannah Arendt, Rudolf Carnap, David Daube, Johann Eck, Hans-Georg Gadamer, Friedrich Hayek, Edmund Husserl, Edith Stein, Friedrich Meinecke, Max Weber, Paul Uhlenhuth and Ernst Zermelo. As of October 2020, 22 Nobel laureates are affiliated with the University of Freiburg as alumni, faculty or researchers, and 15 academics have been honored with the highest German research prize, the Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Prize, while working at the university.


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