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07 Postdoctoral Fellowship at Stockholm University, Sweden

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Are you a PhD graduate eager to take the next leap in your academic journey? Look no further! Stockholm University, Sweden invites online applications for prestigious Postdoctoral Fellowships across a wide range of research fields. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to propel your career forward. 

Candidates interested in Postdoctoral Fellowships can check the details and may apply as soon as possible.


(01) Postdoctoral Fellowship Position

Postdoc  summary/title:–Researcher in Functional Genetics of Adaptation

The position will be associated with Assoc. Prof. Mafalda Ferreira’s research group located at SciLifeLab (Solna) and the Department of Zoology, Stockholm University. The group focus on the dissecting the molecular mechanism of seasonal camouflage in bird and mammal systems. Projects focus on understanding the molecular underpinings of seasonal coat color changing molts involving an alternation between white winter coats or plumage and brown summer coats or plumage. In particular, projects focus on understanding gene expression and epigenetic changes underlying seasonal color change, and validation the function of genes linked with the evolution of alternative winter coloration.

Deadline : 31 May 2024.

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(02) Postdoctoral Fellowship Position

Postdoc  summary/title:– Postdoctoral Fellow in Algebraic Geometry

The position will be associated with Jonas Bergström’s project “Stable and unstable cohomology of moduli spaces of curves” funded by the Verg foundation. We invite applicants working in algebraic geometry, and in particular researchers in arithmetic geometry and researchers working with the moduli spaces of curves.

Deadline : 15 June 2024.

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(03) Postdoctoral Fellowship Position

Postdoc  summary/title:– Postdoctoral Fellow in Geometric Analysis

The position will be funded by Oliver Petersen’s grant from Knut och Alice Wallenbergs stiftelse. We invite applicants working in geometric analysis, and in particular researchers in mathematical general relativity and/or microlocal analysis.

Deadline : 15 June 2024.

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(04) Postdoctoral Fellowship Position

Postdoc  summary/title:– Postdoctoral Fellow in Sedimentary Palaeogenomics

The Department of Geological Sciences (IGV) invites applications for a two-year postdoctoral position based at CPG on the Stockholm University campus.

The position forms a part of the Fluxes from Land to Ocean: How Coastal Habitats in the Arctic Respond (FLO-CHAR) project, which is funded through the BNP Paribas Foundation and co-ordinated by the Afred Wegener Institute (AWI) in Potsdam, Germany. The overall goal of the project is to resolve our understanding of changing Arctic land-ocean matter fluxes, permafrost thaw and associated impacts in one of the most rapidly changing ecosystems on Earth, the Arctic coastal environment. You can hear about the project here.

The postdoctoral project aims to provide baseline data of past coastal biodiversity, and identify responses of Arctic coastal ecosystems to environmental change over the past ~1000 years by applying ancient DNA approaches to shallow marine sediments in the Beaufort Sea. These data will be used to investigate the consequences of (1) sea ice reductions on the population connectivity and range expansion of key vertebrate resources, and (2) increased organic matter input on benthic microbial and planktonic communities. Sediment cores for these analyses were recently collected by the FLO-CHAR team in Spring 2024.

Deadline : 15 June 2024

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(05) Postdoctoral Fellowship Position

Postdoc  summary/title:– Postdoctoral Fellow in environmental science

The postdoc project is part of the Biodiversa+ project DESTRESS (Deciphering temporal trends and safe operating spaces for river biodiversity within the context of multiple stressors), funded by the EU and national funding agencies. The overarching goal of DESTRESS is to provide guidance and actionable knowledge needed to balance freshwater needs between riverine biodiversity and human society. Data analysis tools will be used to investigate links between biodiversity and major stressors such as hydrology and pollution by synthetic chemicals. A co-creation process involving water managers, relevant authorities and other stakeholders will be used to develop a Safe Operating Space to support evidence-based implementation of the EU Biodiversity Strategy for 2030.

Deadline :16 June 2024.

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(06) Postdoctoral Fellowship Position

Postdoc  summary/title:– Postdoctoral Fellow in Cognitive Neurosicence

The position will be connected to a research project designated to investigate the neural dynamics of social (associative) threat learning and regulation and how these processes are influenced by individual differences in exposure to early-life stress. The project is led by Associate Professor Armita Golkar and the research is supported by the Swedish Research Council and Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation (Wallenberg Academy Fellow grant).

Deadline : 30 june 2024.

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(07) Postdoctoral Fellowship Position

Postdoc  summary/title:–Postdoctoral Fellow In Environmental Chemistry with an open research focus

To further broaden our research profile and strengthen our research environment, the Contaminant Chemistry Unit within the Department of Environmental Science is recruiting a Postdoctoral Fellow in Environmental Chemistry with an open research focus. We invite young scientists interested in a postdoctoral career development opportunity to submit proposals for a 2-year research project. The project should build on the existing strengths in the Department of Environmental Science while introducing new research questions or methods. The Contaminant Chemistry Unit currently consists of 6 research groups (MacLeod, McLachlan, Cousins, Posselt, Sobek, and Benskin). Our research programs examine the occurrence and behavior of pollutants in the environment and in the technosphere. Areas of particular interest include the discovery of new contaminants, understanding the physical, chemical, and biological pathways that contaminants follow, and the development of novel tools and techniques for sampling and analysis. We strive to synthesize our scientific understanding about the sources, transport, transformation, bioaccumulation and pharmacokinetics of environmental contaminants into mathematical models that inspire new scientific hypotheses, and support environmental decision-making.

Deadline : 2 June 2024.

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About Stockholm University, Sweden – Official Website

Stockholm University  is a public university in Stockholm, Sweden, founded as a college in 1878, with university status since 1960. With over 33,000 students at four different faculties: law, humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences, it is one of the largest universities in Scandinavia. The institution is regarded as one of the top 100 universities in the world by the Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU).

Stockholm University was granted university status in 1960, making it the fourth oldest Swedish university. As with other public universities in Sweden, Stockholm University’s mission includes teaching and research anchored in society at large.



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