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03 Fully Funded PhD Positions at Erasmus University Rotterdam, Netherlands

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Are you holding Master’s degree and ready to elevate your academic journey to the highest level? Erasmus University Rotterdam, Netherlands, has announced a multiple fully funded PhD positions awaiting talented individuals like you. Don’t miss your chance to be part of our vibrant academic community. Explore the exciting PhD positions available and submit your application today!”

Candidates interested in fully funded PhD positions can check the details and may apply as soon as possible. 


(01) Fully Funded PhD Position 

PhD position summary/title:–PhD – physicians’ work stress and diagnostic errors in emergency medicine

Emergency medicine physicians see patients who urgently need care. One of their key tasks is to determine the severity of the situation and identify possible diagnoses. This diagnostic process is challenged by diseases with variable presentations, while emergency physicians deal with interruptions and time pressure in a stressful work environment. This environment is characterized by abundant job demands (e.g. workloads) – and a lack of job resources (e.g. perceived support).  Prolonged exposure to such demands and (lack of) resources increases work stress. This is especially problematic as excessive work stress hinders physicians in performing well in providing care, yet it is unknown how the diagnostic process specifically is affected. Therefore, there is a knowledge gap on whether and how stressed physicians exposed to excessive job demands and limited resources are more likely to commit more diagnostic errors.

Deadline : 9 Aug 2024

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(02) Fully Funded PhD Position 

PhD position summary/title:–PhD – Improvements in health-state valuations using discrete choice experiments

This PhD project aims to advance our methodological research on employing discrete choice experiments (DCE) to value health for cost-effectiveness analyses. Historically, interviewer-based time-trade-off studies have been utilized, which are costly and time-consuming to manage as well as difficult for respondents, necessitating extensive quality-control measures. In contrast, DCEs offer a promising alternative for measuring health-related quality of life through online surveys. This approach is not only more cost-effective and less resource-intensive but also less complex for respondents and allowing for automated, model-based quality-control procedures during and after data collection. However, DCEs tend to undervalue health unless they are based on complex design optimization and statistical estimation methods.

Deadline : 31 Jul 2024

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(03) Fully Funded PhD Position 

PhD position summary/title:–PhD – Planetary health risks:Communicating climate change-related health impacts

This project aims to understand how people living in the Netherlands perceive different climate change-related health risks, how they search for and process information about these risks, and what factors determine readiness to act, to ultimately make recommendations about how to communicate effectively about the health impacts of climate change.

To do this, four studies are performed utilizing survey designs, social media analysis, and mixed methods (survey and focus groups/interviews). As a start, the risk perceptions of the general public in relation to several possible health risks related to climate change are examined. Special attention is paid to vulnerable groups, such as elderly, children, individuals with chronic diseases and migrants. Based on the results of this first study and literature review, a particular subgroup and risk will be chosen to focus on (for example mental health of young people, or heat stress among the elderly) in the subsequent studies.

Deadline : 2 Aug 2024

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About Erasmus University Rotterdam, Netherlands – Official Website

Erasmus University Rotterdam is a public research university located in Rotterdam, Netherlands. The university is named after Desiderius Erasmus Roterodamus, a 15th-century humanist and theologian.

Erasmus MC is the largest and one of the foremost academic medical centers and trauma centers in the Netherlands, whereas its economics and business school, Erasmus School of Economics and Rotterdam School of Management are well known in Europe and beyond. Currently, Erasmus University Rotterdam has been placed in the top 100 universities in the world by five major ranking tables. In 2017, the university was ranked by Times Higher Education as 69th in the world with its business & economics as 17th, and clinical health as 42nd in the world, and was ranked among top ten business schools in Europe by the Financial Times. In 2015, Erasmus University Rotterdam was ranked by Times Higher Education as 20th in Europe and 72nd in the world, with its social sciences as 40th, and clinical health as 35th in the world.



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