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05 Fully Funded PhD Positions at University of Helsinki, Finland

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Are you holding Master’s degree and ready to elevate your academic journey to the highest level? University of Helsinki, Finland, has announced a multiple fully funded PhD positions awaiting talented individuals like you. Don’t miss your chance to be part of our vibrant academic community. Explore the exciting PhD positions available and submit your application today!”

Candidates interested in fully funded PhD positions can check the details and may apply as soon as possible. 


(01) Fully Funded PhD Position 

PhD position summary/title:–Doctoral Researcher in Theoretical Evolutionary Biology

The Doctoral researcher will be appointed for a fixed-term 4-year contract (Start date: 1 September 2024 or as agreed). The position will be supervised by Dr. Piret Avila.


The Faculty of Biological and Environmental Sciences and Academy Research Fellow Dr. Piret Avila are seeking a highly motivated PhD student to develop theoretical work on the evolution of ageing and life history theory. This planned PhD project will focus on understanding the diversity of ageing patterns across the tree of life, investigating why some organisms exhibit negligible ageing and exploring sex-specific differences in ageing. The work has significant implications for ageing research, reproductive health and life history theory more broadly. We utilize various methods from theoretical evolutionary biology, including evolutionary game theory, adaptive dynamics, population genetics, and optimization theory.

Deadline : 19th August 2024

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(02) Fully Funded PhD Position 

PhD position summary/title:– Doctoral Researcher(s) in controlled and targeted drug delivery

We are looking for highly motivated and skilled PhD candidates with a Master’s Degree or equivalent in pharmacy, bioscience, chemistry, biotechnology, or related fields. The positions are contractual for fixed-term, funded by the Research Council of Finland. The appointments start the earliest from 1st September 2024 (or as agreed on) and lasts until 31 August 2028. The positions will be filled with six (6) months probationary period.

We are looking for researcher to join two projects led by Doctor Zahra Gounani and Professor Timo Laaksonen, at the Pharmaceutical nanotechnology group, ( at the Division of Pharmaceutical Biosciences. The projects aim at 1) better understanding of targeted pH responsive liposomes liposomes, controlled targeted delivery of antibiotics, and the therapeutical benefits of liposomal delivery of antibiotics, and 2) The use of new polysaccharide-based hydrogels for controlled and triggered drug release using light activation and liposomes as tools. The topics are close to other research projects in our group, and you will be joining a large and growing team working on pharmaceuticals technologies and formulations. We are also part of the GeneCellNano Flagship project ( and well connected to the academic community in Finland.

Deadline : 10th August 2024 

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(03) Fully Funded PhD Position 

PhD position summary/title:– Doctoral Researcher in Soil Biodiversity Changes in Response to Global Changes

Our research focuses on understanding large-scale patterns in soil biodiversity, and how human impacts may be disrupting these patterns. We are recruiting a Doctoral researcher to work within Dr. Helen Phillips’ Research Council of Finland funded project “GC-Worms: Partitioning the impacts of global changes on earthworm communities” at the University of Helsinki. GC-Worms will run from September 2024 to August 2028.

We are looking for a Doctoral researcher to join our team and undertake some of the work we are doing as part of GC-Worms. The successful candidate will use and expand upon previously synthesized ecological datasets on community-scale diversity ( of earthworms across the globe. The research will be focused on understanding alpha and beta diversity changes of earthworm communities over space and time. The successful candidate will be given plenty of opportunities to expand their skills, including data handling and management, statistics, R programming and scientific writing (including for grant applications).

The successful candidate will have:

  • A Master’s degree or equivalent second-cycle degree (or soon to be completed degree) in a relevant subject (e.g., ecology, biology, conservation, quantitative methods)
  • A passion for understanding how human impacts are altering biodiversity across the globe
  • Good command of spoken and written English
  • Good interpersonal, organisational and time management skills

Deadline : 2 August 2024

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(04) Fully Funded PhD Position 

PhD position summary/title:– Doctoral Researcher in Material Science / Soft Matter Chemistry / Biomaterials

The Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry at the University of Helsinki invites applications for the position of a Doctoral Researcher in Material Science / Soft Matter Chemistry / Biomaterials


The Doctoral researcher will be appointed for a fixed-term 4-year contract (Start date: September 1, 2024 or as agreed) to work in a project entitled “Additive manufacturing of wood-based biomass materials for life science application – BioMat”. The position will be supervised by Dr. Mina Zare and Professor Kirsi Mikkonen, at the Department of Food and Nutrition which is one of the six units of the Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry.


Lignin, the second most abundant natural polymer, holds great promise as a renewable alternative to fossil-based materials. The focus of the project is on understanding the interactions of lignocellulosic nanoparticles with protein-based biopolymers and using them to create bio-hydrogels with optimized properties for additive manufacturing and life-science applications.

Deadline :  31 July 2024

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(05) Fully Funded PhD Position 

PhD position summary/title:– Doctoral Researcher in Material science / Food science / Chemistry

We are looking for a highly motivated and skilled researcher with a Master’s degree and experience in material science, chemistry, biochemistry, molecular biology, microbiota analysis, gastrointestinal digestion/absorption tests, or related field.


A successful candidate should be able to:

  • Identify, design, conduct, and report research within the scope of the project.
  • Contribute to undergraduate student supervision and teaching within the department.
  • Engage with the scientific community, research partners and the wider public, internationally and domestically through scientific publications, conference presentations, press releases, blogs etc.

Deadline :29 July 2024

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About The University of Helsinki, Finland – Official Website

The University of Helsinki  is a university located in Helsinki, Finland since 1829, but founded in the city of Turku (in Swedish Åbo) in 1640 as the Royal Academy of Åbo, at that time part of the Swedish Empire. It is the oldest and largest university in Finland with the widest range of disciplines available. In 2018, around 31,200 students were enrolled in the degree programs of the university spread across 11 faculties and 11 research institutes.

As of 1 August 2005, the university complies with the harmonized structure of the Europe-wide Bologna Process and offers bachelor, master, licenciate, and doctoral degrees. Admission to degree programmes is usually determined by entrance examinations, in the case of bachelor’s degrees, and by prior degree results, in the case of master and postgraduate degrees. Entrance is particularly selective (circa 15% of the yearly applicants are admitted). It has been ranked a top 100 university in the world according to the 2016 ARWU, QS and THE rankings.

The university is bilingual, with teaching by law provided both in Finnish and Swedish. Since Swedish, albeit an official language of Finland, is a minority language, Finnish is by far the dominating language at the university. Teaching in English is extensive throughout the university at master, licentiate, and doctoral levels, making it a de facto third language of instruction.



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