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13 Fully Funded PhD Positions at University of Southern Denmark, Denmark

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Are you holding Master’s degree and ready to elevate your academic journey to the highest level? University of Southern Denmark, Denmark, has announced a multiple fully funded PhD positions awaiting talented individuals like you. Don’t miss your chance to be part of our vibrant academic community. Explore the exciting PhD positions available and submit your application today!”

Candidates interested in fully funded PhD positions can check the details and may apply as soon as possible. 


(01) Fully Funded PhD Position 

PhD position summary/title:– PhD Scholarship in comparative politics at the Department of Political Science and Public Management

Applications are invited for a PhD scholarship within comparative politics to be based at the Department of Political Science and Public Management at the University of Southern Denmark, Odense.

Deadline : 09/02/2024

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(02) Fully Funded PhD Position 

PhD position summary/title:– PhD scholarships at the SDU Climate Cluster Elite Center Mobilizing Post-Anthropocentric Climate Action: A New Root Narrative (PACA)

As part of the PhD program, an individual education program within the field of business and management must be completed. The successful candidates will be expected to complete a six-month stay at a research institution abroad and, over the period of the program, to acquire experience of teaching or other types of presentation. S/he will also be expected to participate in the various activities within the center and – apart from the stay abroad – to be present on a daily basis.

The thesis will be an integral part of the SDU Climate Elite Centre project, “Mobilizing Post-Anthropocentric Climate Action: A New Root Narrative” (PACA). PACA seeks to map post-anthropocentric social theories that challenge the nature-culture divide and investigate traces of these theories in the population. It assesses the extent to which such practices and beliefs can provide a positive narrative for a new organization of production and consumption practices and, finally, the role of universities as mediators of the emergent post-anthropocentrism. This project has the ambition to develop into an international hub for research on post-anthropocentric consumption and production systems as foundational for a sustainable economy.

Deadline : 09/04/2024

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(03) Fully Funded PhD Position 

PhD position summary/title:– Vacant Ph.D. fellowship at the Department of Law, University of Southern Denmark

At the Department of Law, one or more Ph.D. fellowships will be available as of 1 January 2025 or by further agreement. The place of work is at the University of Southern Denmark, Odense.

The primary task in the positions is research and, as a result, to prepare a Ph.D. thesis within the three-year employment. As a Ph.D. fellow at the Department of Law, you will be part of a legal research environment anchored in The Faculty of Business and Social Sciences.

You are expected to have academic qualifications corresponding to the level obtained by completing a relevant Master’s degree programme. If you have practical experience in subject areas relevant to the proposed research project, it is naturally an advantage, but it is neither required nor expected.

A Ph.D. is a research degree at the highest international level. You will become part of active learning environments, in Denmark as well as abroad, and you will obtain an extensive academic knowledge e.g. by participating in relevant Ph.D. courses. Furthermore, you will gain teaching experience since part of the program involves teaching certain courses at our law studies. You are expected to be able to teach in Danish and/or English.
As a Ph.D. fellow, you will become part of the good research environment at our department. We cherish our good working environment, and therefore you are expected to show commitment and visibility in relation to the department – internally as well as externally – and to contribute positively to the department’s working environment, everyday life and ongoing operation.

More information about our Ph.D. programme is available at the department’s website. On the website you will also find the department’s qualifications criteriaThe program is provided by the Ph.D. School at the Faculty of Business and Social Sciences who offer further information on their website.

Deadline : 08/06/2024

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(04) Fully Funded PhD Position 

PhD position summary/title:– PhD position in Cyber-Security Methods for Cyber-Safe Robotics

The position is available as soon as possible and the workplace is at SDU’s campus in Sønderborg. The beautiful campus in Sønderborg is located in the inspiring building of Alsion, which is a center for science, culture and learning in the heart of Sønderborg and perched on the strait of water separating the island of Als from the mainland. The university has very close relations to industries in Sønderborg, Southern Denmark and Northern Germany.

The Maersk Mc-Kinney Moller Institute is an internationally recognized institute, which has maintained a leading position in robotics for more than three decades. The institute is the origin of robotics research in Denmark and has spawned the world-renowned cluster of robotics in Odense. The institute is now building up a Centre for Industrial Software research and education at its campus in Sønderborg with a vision of creating world class knowledge in valuable collaboration with industry providing a unique opportunity to be part of the center and to form the new group. It is expected that the center will grow substantially in the coming years and collaborate closely with the already established Center for Industrial Electronics and Center for Industrial Mechanics in Sønderborg as well as with the industry, which count world leading companies in growing fields such as e-mobility, automation, climate solutions and energy efficiency. 

Deadline : 31 August 2024 

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(05) Fully Funded PhD Position 

PhD position summary/title:– Ph.D. position available: Targeted Radiotheranostic Pharmaceuticals

This Ph.D. project is one out of three Ph.D. projects funded by a Synergy grant from the Novo Nordisk Foundation (“Image and Destroy: New Radionuclides for Cancer Theranostics”). It is part of a collaboration with the Preclinical Research Group at the Department of Nuclear Medicine, Odense University Hospital (Dr Helge Thisgaard), and with a group at Dublin City University in Ireland specializing in medicinal inorganic chemistry (Prof. Andrew Kellett). The team is multidisciplinary with expertise in chemistry, radiochemistry, nuclear physics, biomedicine, and molecular biology. We are primarily focused on developing and evaluating new radiopharmaceuticals for PET-imaging and receptor-targeted precision radiotherapies of cancer using unconventional radionuclides. The work spans from chemical synthesis, radioactive isotope preparation and radiolabeling, to in vitro cell testing and ultimately small animal testing for any highly promising leads.

Deadline : 08/16/2024

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(06) Fully Funded PhD Position 

PhD position summary/title:– PhD Scholarships to Study Plasticity of Liver and Adipose Tissues at Single Cell Resolution

The Center for Functional Genomics and Tissue Plasticity (ATLAS) at the Functional Genomics & Metabolism Research Unit, Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, University of Southern Denmark, invites applications from outstanding candidates who are interested in joining our team as PhD fellows. We have three positions available from September 1, 2024, or as soon as possible thereafter. 

Deadline : 06/10/2024

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(07) Fully Funded PhD Position 

PhD position summary/title:– PhD Position: Quantification of marine ecosystem services in connection with marine nature restoration

The PhD position is part of a newly funded Aage V. Jensen project: Quantification of marine Ecosystem Services in connection with Marine nature Restoration (QESMAR). The overall aim of the QESMAR project is to develop a standardized assessment framework to efficiently quantify achieved ecosystem services (ES´s) and make them comparable across different restored habitats. To support this, three PhD projects will be initiated which in collaboration will develop tools to efficiently monitoring and quantify a range of ES’s associated with marine restoration project. 

Healthy coastal ecosystems support higher trophic levels through food availability, habitat structures, and physical shelters and support human well-being through food and energy resources, as well as by providing cultural and recreational services. Important ecosystem services (ES’s) provided by marine habitats includes immobilization and transformation of carbon and nutrients, stabilizing sediment, improving the light intensity and water quality, and coastal protection. For Danish waters, primarily eutrophication, but also intensive fisheries, damming, extraction of raw materials, and invasive species have caused severe damage to most coastal waters. Over recent decades, significant efforts have been made to recover coastal marine areas, and restoring marine life is considered doable if major human pressures are mitigated. There is however limited information on the effects of restoration efforts, as long-term monitoring is rarely undertaken. The choice of sampling design and metrics varies between projects making it difficult to compare the success of restoration efforts. It is therefore essential to apply coherent monitoring and reporting of restoration outcomes to enable reliable assessments of restoration success and improve restoration strategies for the future. 

This PhD project will focus on ES’s associated with nutrient loading, nutrient storage, growth dependent nutrient uptake, dynamic and cycling coupled to oxygen availability and the development of biodiversity. The study should integrate measurement over extended eutrophication gradients to combine observations at different spatial and temporal scale to map the distribution and abundance of benthic species associated with eelgrass, boulder reefs and biogenic reefs. 

Deadline : 06/17/2024

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(08) Fully Funded PhD Position 

PhD position summary/title:– PhD Positions at SDU Center for Energy Informatics

SDU Center for Energy Informatics is excited to announce several 3-year PhD positions in AI. We are seeking highly qualified and motivated individuals like yourself to join our research teams.

Deadline : 18 August 2024

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(09) Fully Funded PhD Position 

PhD position summary/title:– PhD Position in Materials Chemistry at the Mads Clausen Institute, The University of Southern Denmark in Sønderborg, Denmark

We are seeking an enthusiastic new colleague as a PhD student in the field of Materials Chemistry with a strong background, particularly in Solid State Chemistry and (Photo)electrochemistry, and interest in industrial applications and cooperation to join the Mads Clausen Institute (MCI) at the University of Southern Denmark (SDU) in Sønderborg, Denmark. The position is for three years with an expected starting date 1 January 2025 or as soon as possible. 

Deadline : 31 August 2024 

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(10) Fully Funded PhD Position 

PhD position summary/title:– PhD Position in Theoretical Physics

Symmetry plays a fundamental role in quantum physics. Recent years have seen a paradigm shift in the understanding of global symmetries. This has unravelled new vastly generalized symmetries symmetries. Despite rapid progress, this is very much an evolving subject and both the general theory and its applications to quantum matter host many unresolved questions. The goal of this project is to advance the theory of global categorical symmetries and explore their implications for the phase diagrams of quantum matter. Key objectives include refining the classification of phases of matter using such symmetries, investigating their potential to stabilize fragile quantum states, and exploring whether the corresponding (topological) symmetry operators can encode robust quantum information.

Deadline :26 July 2024

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(11) Fully Funded PhD Position 

PhD position summary/title:– PhD in “Science Learning Spaces as Learning Media”

The Department of Mathematics and Computer Science at the University of Southern Denmark (Campus Odense), in collaboration with NAFA (Danish Academy of Science Education), is offering a PhD scholarship in “Science Learning Spaces as Learning Media.”

NAFA aims to promote motivating and rewarding science education in primary schools through enhanced training of science teachers. Children and young people should experience strengthened scientific competence, which they can apply in their roles as individuals, citizens, and professionals.

The PhD project should be relevant to practice in the Danish primary school and/or teacher education. The new quality program for primary schools allocates 2.6 billion DKK for investments in better learning spaces and class rooms and environments that encourage play and movement, along with 540 million DKK for books. Learning environment, tools, instruments and other learning media and educational technologies are central focus areas in science subjects, involving literacy, multimodality, aesthetics, engineering design, place-based teaching, external learning environments, outdoor school, connection to nature, and student experience in science education.

Good physical settings and learning media are crucial for varied and engaging teaching. This PhD position in science education research covers learning media broadly, including the physical environment as a facilitator of learning in science. Relevant academic perspectives may include multimodality, reception, and production of understanding.

Projects that fit within the scope may include pedagogical approaches such as subject didactics, interdisciplinarity, engineering, aesthetic, design-based, and artistic approaches in science education research or practice, as well as site-specific teaching, external learning environments, outdoor school, etc. The focus can be on the learner’s experience and perspective, teacher, teacher education, or the organizational or societal level.

Deadline : 06/29/2024

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(12) Fully Funded PhD Position 

PhD position summary/title:– PhD in Microbe-Mineral Interactions

We offer a fully funded PhD student position (3+5 or 4+4) on the topic of microbial interspecies interactions involved in methane cycling. This role will involve a combination of laboratory research and occasional fieldwork to study the ecological and physiological roles of these microorganisms. 

As a PhD student in our lab, you will have the opportunity to investigate how microorganisms interact with each other directly or by relying on minerals in their environment. You will work with anaerobic microbes and conduct genetic manipulations to understand their mechanisms of interaction with the extracellular environment. Additionally, you will take part in field studies, collecting samples and observing these processes in natural settings. 

Our lab specializes in ecophysiology, with a focus on electroactive microorganisms involved in climate change or future industrial biotechnologies. We employ a wide range of techniques, including electrochemistry, genetics, molecular biology, isotopic labeling, expression studies, and high-resolution microscopy. This multidisciplinary approach allows us to gain a deeper understanding of how microorganisms influence their extracellular environment leading to change. 

The position is supported by a prestigious European Research Council (ERC) Consolidator Grant, which provides a solid foundation for conducting high-impact research. You will join a dynamic team of researchers who are passionate about advancing the field of microbial ecology and physiology. 

Deadline : 29 July 2024 

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(13) Fully Funded PhD Position 

PhD position summary/title:– Fully Financed PhD Position in LLM-assisted Multirobot Mission Planning and Control

The SDU UAS Center, part of Maersk Mc-Kinney Moller Institute, invites applications for a PhD position within the project “Natural-language Assisted Human-Multirobot Interaction and Planning” (NAMUR). The focus of the PhD studies will be on large-language models (LLMs), multirobot planning, and multi-drone control for search-and-rescue missions.

Deadline : 1 September 2024

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About University of Southern Denmark, Denmark –Official Website

The University of Southern Denmark  is a university in Denmark that has campuses located in Southern Denmark and on Zealand.

The university offers a number of joint programmes in co-operation with the University of Flensburg and the University of Kiel. Contacts with regional industries and the international scientific community are strong.

With its 29,674 enrolled students (as of 2016), the university is both the third-largest and, given its roots in Odense University, the third-oldest Danish university (fourth if one includes the Technical University of Denmark). Since the introduction of the ranking systems in 2012, the University of Southern Denmark has consistently been ranked as one of the top 50 young universities in the world by both the Times Higher Education World University Rankings of the Top 100 Universities Under 50 and the QS World University Rankings of the Top 50 Universities Under 50.



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