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20 PhD Positions Fully Funded at Uppsala University, Sweden

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Uppsala University, Sweden invites online Application for number of   PhD Positions at various Departments. We are providing a list of Fully Funded PhD Positions available at Uppsala University, Sweden.

Eligible candidate may Apply as soon as possible.


(01) PhD Position – Fully Funded

PhD position summary/title:–PhD student in Chemistry with specialization in Analytical Chemistry

We are looking for a PhD student to develop analytical methods that will enable the study of bioactive lipids in tissue using mass spectrometry imaging. A concrete goal will be to enhance the signal of bioactive lipids for detection and mapping in tissue. After development, the method will be applied to compare healthy and diseased tissue to explore the role of various bioactive lipids in, for example, neurodegenerative diseases, diabetes and cancer.

The project involves chemical imaging of tissue using high resolution mass spectrometry and nano-DESI, development of chemical reactions to increase signals, molecular characterization with tandem mass spectrometry, quantification and data handling with image analysis.

Deadline : 23 May 2024

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(02) PhD Position – Fully Funded

PhD position summary/title:–PhD student in Biopharmaceuticals

The goal with the project is to develop biopharmaceuticals targeting Alzheimer’s disease but also increase the uptake of these biopharmaceuticals in the brain. We do the whole process starting from designing the biopharamceuticals (can be proteins or viruses for gene therapy), producing then and then test them in vitro and in vivo. Included in the tasks are also some administrative tasks.

Deadline : 30 May 2024

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(03) PhD Position – Fully Funded

PhD position summary/title:–PhD student in evolutionary genomics of symbiotic bacteria and their hosts

The project aims to study how symbiotic interactions between bacteria and animal hosts affect both partners’ genetic material and evolution. Our model system is the endosymbiotic bacterium Wolbachia in different Drosophila species, primarily from the willistoni group.

Wolbachia is often called one of the world’s most successful infections since it can be found in a large variety of invertebrates and is estimated to infect over 60% of all insect species on Earth. It is maternally transmitted, occurs in both facultative and obligate host interactions and can be everything from beneficial to pathogenic for the host. However, Wolbachia is best known as a facultative infection that interferes with host reproduction to increase the fitness of infected females and thereby its transmission success.

In the Drosophila willistoni group, most species are infected with highly similar Wolbachia strains that vary in their interaction with the host in several ways, for example, being obligate or facultative for the host, able to manipulate reproduction or not and having high or low infection levels. Using mostly large-scale sequencing of both Drosophila and Wolbachia genomes and performing comparative genomics, the goal is to determine the genetic factors in both Wolbachia and Drosophila that determine this variability in host-symbiont interaction and to elucidate the evolutionary events that took place to create it.

Deadline : 27 May 2024,

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(04) PhD Position – Fully Funded

PhD position summary/title:–PhD student in Cardiovascular development and genome engineering.

Hemodynamic forces generated by the blood flow are an essential regulator of cardiovascular development and function. In consequence, flow perturbations are associated with congenital anomalies such as cardiac valve pathologies and vasculopathies.  The flow forces are exerted on endothelial cells, which line the vessel wall.  Specialized forms of endothelium include the endocardium, critical for cardiac function, and the blood-brain barrier that preserves the integrity of the central nervous system.

The laboratory aims to determine the mechanosensory response in these specialized endothelial populations and establish novel conditional loss-of-function strategies to study cardiovascular system formation.  We use the zebrafish, a leading model in cardiovascular research, exploiting a combination of next-generation sequencing, high-resolution imaging, advanced genome engineering, and functional analyses.

We are looking for a highly motivated PhD student to work with zebrafish as a model system to understand how blood flow instructs endothelial cells during development and generate genetic tools to modulate endothelial gene function.

Deadline : May 17 2024,

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(05) PhD Position – Fully Funded

PhD position summary/title:–MSCA PhD student in Computational Chemistry

We are looking for a motivated and ambitious student for theoretical studies of ion transport in solid-state battery materials. For this purpose, the main focus is to develop and apply multiscale modelling methodology to help understand the processes involved in the challenges and electrochemical bottlenecks of Li-metal polymer batteries. This involves modelling of surface and bulk chemical processes for Li-metal batteries based on DFT, semi-empirical methods, MD simulations and FEM cell modelling. See the D03 project webpage for more details.

The main duties of doctoral students are to devote themselves to their research studies which includes participating in research projects and third cycle courses. The work duties can also include teaching and other departmental duties (no more than 20%).

Deadline :  31st of May,

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(06) PhD Position – Fully Funded

PhD position summary/title:–PhD student in Systematic Biology

The primary methodology will consist of well established genetic transformations. This includes, PCR, primer design, bacterial cloning, yeast cloning, and filamentous fungal transformations. Fungal culturing with a variety of media and conditions will also be used. Results will be written for publication in scientific journals and presented at international conferences.

Deadline : 2024-05-17

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(07) PhD Position – Fully Funded

PhD position summary/title:–

A four-year fully funded PhD position is now available in Daniel Espes’ research group at the Department of Medical Bell Biology at Uppsala University. The research group is part of SciLifeLab and Uppsala Diabetes Center (UDC), which opens up great opportunities for a doctoral education with both excellence and breadth.

Daniel Espes’ research group ( is working to increase the understanding of beta cell physiology and the adaptations of beta cell mass in health and disease, with the main focus on type 1 diabetes. Most of the work is translational in nature and we work with clinical trials in parallel with experimental studies.

Deadline : May 7 2024

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(08) PhD Position – Fully Funded

PhD position summary/title:–2 PhD students in the area of Pharmacometrics – Global Health

The Department of Pharmacy at Uppsala University has an interdisciplinary environment at the center of the pharmaceutical arena. With frontline research, first-rate education and extensive collaborations we constitute a driving force in the development of our academic field. In this inspiring environment our rich diversity of research groups, several of international prominence, develop and conduct work of great scientific importance. Among our core competences are computational modelling and simulations, PKPD, in vitro ADME models, advanced in vivo methods, as well as patient and societal aspects, from optimizing the use of drugs in individuals to societal pharmaceutical policies. Together, we form a unique cluster of academic competences within pharmaceutical science, playing a key role in shaping the future of pharmacy in both Sweden and globally.

Deadline : 20 May 2024

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(09) PhD Position – Fully Funded

PhD position summary/title:–PhD student in Machine Learning focusing on Sequential Decision-Making

For many systems of interest, for instance in industries, utilities or health-care settings, decisions that affect their behavior are made sequentially as data is collected over time.

This project is focused on basic research into theory and methods for sequential decision-making that adapts to the information obtained from systems over time. The aim is to develop new ideas for a broad class of problems in, e.g., adaptive experiment design, sensor fusion, and resource management. The problems will be grounded in applications to ensure that our research is relevant in real-world settings, including batteries, inventory management, power systems, etc.

Deadline : 15 May 2024

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(10) PhD Position – Fully Funded

PhD position summary/title:–PhD position in Biochemistry

We are looking for students for studying structural changes of photoreceptor proteins using time-resolved diffraction methods. A concrete goal will be to structurally characterize charge transfer in photolyase proteins using time-resolved serial femtosecond crystallography at Free-electron laser sources.

The project requires production and crystallization of protein, performance of time-resolved crystallography experiments at Free electron laser sources, and advanced data analysis of the time-resolved crystallographic data in terms of structure and dynamics.

Deadline : 6 May 2024

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(11) PhD Position – Fully Funded

PhD position summary/title:–PhD in Biochemistry

We are looking for a PhD to study the structure of photoreceptor proteins using cryo electron microscopy (cryo EM), in particular using and developing time-resolved variants. We aim at solving the structure of receptor proteins in the microalgae Chlamydomonas reinhardtii and to introduce mutations as to change the photosynthetic activity of the algae. These will be tested in-vitro and in the algae.

Deadline :  6 May 2024

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(12) PhD Position – Fully Funded

PhD position summary/title:–PhD student in scientific computing focusing on earthquake modeling

The topic of this project is modeling and simulation of earthquakes. All earthquake models contain partially unknown parameters, such as seismic wave speeds and frictional parameters on a fault. Since direct measurements of these parameters remain infeasible, we have to use seismometer data and other indirect measurements to constrain the parameters. This inverse problem is the main focus of the project. In close collaboration with geophysicists at Stanford University, we have recently developed a framework to invert for frictional parameters. The project goals are to extend the framework to different kinds of geophysical data and to implement the new methods in efficient software to facilitate earthquake simulations of with realistic physics and complex fault geometries in 3D.

Deadline : 10 May 2024,

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(13) PhD Position – Fully Funded

PhD position summary/title:–PhD student in Meteorology focusing on loads on wind turbines in complex terrain

This project is a part of a large international academic collaboration network within Marie Curie and  the project Atmospheric Physics and Turbulence for Wind Energy (AptWind). The AptWind) Doctoral Network provides training for a new creative, entrepreneurial, innovative and resilient industry-oriented academic generation apt to face current and future challenges at the frontier of research within atmospheric flow physics and turbulence for wind energy applications, where the trained Doctoral Candidates will be able to convert knowledge and ideas into new products, and services for economic and social benefit. AptWind is funded by Horizon Europe through grant number 101119550. For more information visit

Deadline :  6 of May 2024,

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(14) PhD Position – Fully Funded

PhD position summary/title:–PhD student in Meteorology with focus on high-fidelity wind farm modelling

As a PhD student within AptWind you will be one out of 15 PhD students in a large international consortium gathering the most important academic and industrial actors within the field. This will provide an excellent platform for a future career in academia or industry.

The primary focus will be on studying very large rotors and wind farms, especially on how the physics on the different layers of the atmosphere affect the flow within these large wind power farms. We will study how well today’s models are able to reproduce flow in and around current and future generations of very large solid turbines located in very large wind farms. Especially, we aim to study farm to farm interaction that is becoming more and more interesting since we are erecting a large number of large wind farms in places such as the North and Baltic Seas.

Deadline :  6 of May 2024

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(15) PhD Position – Fully Funded

PhD position summary/title:–Doctoral (Phd) position in Solid State Physics, with focus on the synthesis and study of next-generation sustainable magnets

Permanent magnets are key elements in many of today’s technologies for energy conversion.

The most powerful permanent magnets are based on rare earth metals, which are classified as both rare and strategic, meaning both scarcity and high price. In this project, we develop sustainable magnets using new synthesis methods and establish their utility through detailed magnetic measurements. The synthesis includes nanocomposites and metal alloys free from, or with a very small content of, rare earth metals. One goal of the project is to experimentally realize new alloys and compounds that, from calculations, are predicted to have high performance as permanent magnets.

Sweden has some of Europe’s largest ore deposits of rare earth metals with potential for mining. This project includes magnetically characterizing samples found in geological surveys to discern natural ore compositions that could be used for the synthesis of new rare earth magnets, thereby bypassing or reducing the number of steps for separation of the useful chemical elements.

The project is a collaboration between the Division of Solid State Physics at the Department of Materials Science and Engineering and the Division of Inorganic Chemistry at the Department of Chemistry – Ångström, as well as the Department of Earth Sciences, all at Uppsala University.

Deadline : 27 of May 2024

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(16) PhD Position – Fully Funded

PhD position summary/title:–PhD student in applied nuclear physics

This PhD project is a collaboration of Uppsala university and Westinghouse. The primary objective of this project is to develop a new methodology for criticality safety analysis throughout the operation of the nuclear fuel cycle. This initiative seeks to bolster the safety and reliability of nuclear power generation in Sweden by systematically examining the uncertainties related to criticality safety. This development also relates to a move from a conservative methodology to a best estimates plus uncertainty (BEPU) methodology.  

Deadline : 10 May 2024

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(17) PhD Position – Fully Funded

PhD position summary/title:–PhD student in Molecular Biophysics

In the framework of an ERC Advanced Grant, the student will investigate the activity and function of disease-related genome-interacting protein complexes. A strong focus will be on developing and applying novel single-molecule FRET-based imaging approaches to record the real-time dynamics by which these protein complexes manipulate their nucleic acid substrates. Additionally, the student will leverage a powerful and as-of-yet unpublished approach, which combines single-molecule fluorescence microscopy with next-generation sequencing to enable highly multiplexed observations of complex dynamics at the single-molecule level. To uncover fundamental principles of genome organization, the student will comprehensively profile how the dynamics of genome-processing protein complexes depend on the sequence of the nucleic acids they interact with. Furthermore, a range of biochemical and biophysical approaches will be employed to further characterize these processes.

Deadline : 17 May 2024

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(18) PhD Position – Fully Funded

PhD position summary/title:–PhD student in chemokine immunobiology

These projects, funded by the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions (MSCA)-doctoral network program  “B-ACTIVE”, is a EU-funded collaboration between the universities of Leuven, Copenhagen, Graz, Ljubljana, Uppsala and several industrial partners located in Copenhagen, Uppsala, Graz, Cambridge and Paris (see In the B-ACTIVE consortium, fundamental and clinical scientists and companies will study the impact of posttranslational modifications of chemokine ligands and receptors while training 10 doctoral candidates into future experts with translational and interdisciplinary mindsets. The doctoral candidates will characterize interactions between chemokine ligands, receptors and glycosaminoglycans, study signaling pathways and recognize their importance in inflammatory reactions. B-ACTIVE thus provides training in the complexity of inflammatory responses from basic science to clinical applications and industrial development. B-ACTIVE aims to unite fundamental and clinical scientists with pharmaceutical companies to explore the impact of posttranslational modifications of chemokine ligands and receptors. The project’s goal is to enhance our comprehension of inflammatory responses, pinpoint the right drug targets, and actively contribute to pharmaceutical development, ultimately improving patient treatment. The MSCA doctoral networks aim to train creative, entrepreneurial, innovative and resilient doctoral candidates, able to face current and future challenges and to convert knowledge into societal benefit.

Deadline : 31 May 2024

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(19) PhD Position – Fully Funded

PhD position summary/title:–PhD student in sustainable aqueous batteries

We are looking for a highly motivated and ambitious student for this challenging project. The student will design, plan, and execute the experimental work, often in collaboration with colleagues, critically analyze and discuss the results, and disseminate the work orally at scientific conferences and written in the form of papers in peer-reviewed journals. Finally, the student is expected to be a good team player, and also participate in all mandatory group activities, including becoming the responsible person for specific lab equipment.

Deadline : 6 May 2024,

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(20) PhD Position – Fully Funded

PhD position summary/title:–PhD student in astrophysics, with focus on stellar activity and magnetism

The successful candidate will work on detecting and characterizing stellar magnetic fields and related activity phenomena on stellar surfaces using observations with large optical and infrared telescopes. This research work will include collecting observation data at international astronomical facilities, analyzing the data with advanced computational methods, and comparison with theoretical models.

The doctoral student position is a 4-year appointment, and the candidate will primarily devote the time to their own research studies. Extension, up to a maximum of five years, is possible by including department duties at a level of at most 20%, typically teaching. The position is fully financed and the salary is in accordance with local guidelines at Uppsala University.

Deadline : 30 April 2024

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About Uppsala University, Sweden –Official Website

Uppsala University  is a research university in Uppsala, Sweden. Founded in 1477, it is the oldest university in Sweden and all of the Nordic countries still in operation. It has ranked among the world’s 100 best universities in several high-profile international rankings during recent years. The university uses “Gratiae veritas naturae” as its motto and embraces natural sciences.

The university rose to pronounced significance during the rise of Sweden as a great power at the end of the 16th century and was then given a relative financial stability with the large donation of King Gustavus Adolphus in the early 17th century. Uppsala also has an important historical place in Swedish national culture, identity and for the Swedish establishment: in historiography, literature, politics, and music. Many aspects of Swedish academic culture in general, such as the white student cap, originated in Uppsala. It shares some peculiarities, such as the student nation system, with Lund University and the University of Helsinki.

Uppsala belongs to the Coimbra Group of European universities and to the Guild of European Research-Intensive Universities. The university has nine faculties distributed over three “disciplinary domains”. It has about 44,000 registered students and 2,300 doctoral students. It has a teaching staff of roughly 1,800 (part-time and full-time) out of a total of 6,900 employees. Twenty-eight per cent of the 716 professors at the university are women. Of its turnover of SEK 6.6 billion (approx. USD 775 million) in 2016, 29% was spent on education at Bachelor’s and Master’s level, while 70% was spent on research and research programs.



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