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13 PhD Positions Fully Funded at Umea University, Sweden

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Umea University, Sweden invites online Application for number of   PhD Positions at various Departments. We are providing a list of Fully Funded PhD Positions available at Umea University, Sweden.

Eligible candidate may Apply as soon as possible.


(01) PhD Position – Fully Funded

PhD position summary/title:–PhD Student in Medical Science

The position aims at a doctoral degree and the doctoral student’s main task is to engage in their own doctoral training, which includes participation in research projects as well as doctoral courses, journal clubs, seminars, etc.

The main goal of the project is to develop an AI system for rehabilitation of patients with impaired arm and hand function. At the hand surgery clinic in Umeå, patients with impaired function in their arm and hand are treated. This may include traumatic amputation injuries as well as congenital absence or underdevelopment of a part of the upper extremity, a condition sometimes referred to as dysmelia. Injuries to the arm’s nerve plexus (plexus injury), or other nerves, can lead to a dramatic reduction in motor functions in the arm and hand.

Deadline : 2024-06-30

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(02) PhD Position – Fully Funded

PhD position summary/title:–PhD position in Mathematics focusing on geometric deep learning

Deep learning has enjoyed tremendous success on an impressive number of complex problems. However, the fundamental mathematical understanding of deep learning models is still incomplete, presenting exciting research problems spanning areas such as differential geometry, numerical analysis, and dynamical systems. Neural ordinary differential equations (NODEs) mark a recent advance in geometric deep learning, the pursuit to incorporate symmetries and non-Euclidean structures in machine learning using geometrical principles. NODEs describe the dynamics of information propagating through neural networks in the limit of infinite depth using ordinary differential equations (ODEs) on manifolds and offer several appealing properties.

The dynamical systems in NODE models are constrained, however, in that the intrinsic nature of the dimension of a manifold fixes the dimension of their state vector. This limitation precludes the use of certain architectural elements, like the encoder-decoder structure used in autoencoders and sequence-to-sequence prediction, and applications where the dimensionality of the state space changes dynamically, like quantum mechanical systems interacting with classical external fields where quantization effects cause freeze-out of degrees of freedom.

Deadline : 2024-06-10

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(03) PhD Position – Fully Funded

PhD position summary/title:–PhD position in Mathematics focusing on complex geometry and optimal transport

In the 80’s and 90’s a surprising phenomenon was observed by physicists: It seemed like certain complicated geometric objects (Calabi-Yau manifolds) appeared in pairs, one taking the form of a mirror image of the other. The phenomenon was dubbed mirror symmetry and similarly as for other duality principles in mathematics, for example the duality of time and frequency in Fourier analysis, researchers quickly realized it could be very useful. An important branch of research with the aim of understanding mirror symmetry is the SYZ-conjecture, which gives a detailed description of a conjectural structure in Calabi-Yau manifolds. To show that this description is true has turned out to be very difficult. In essence, the problem consists of controlling the limit of solutions to certain (Monge-Ampère) partial differential equations when the dimension of their domain drops, which is a very challenging problem in general. However, due to a recent breakthrough the problem has been reduced to showing existence of solutions to a class of these equations in very singular settings. The purpose of this project is to show existence of these solutions and study their properties to learn more about mirror symmetry. The main new idea is to use optimal transport to achieve this. Optimal transport is a classical tool with roots in 18th century France, where it was studied in relation to engineering and geometry. Here, it will provide a link between the partial differential equations above and a very robust variational theory which, as indicated by preliminary results, might be very useful. 

The doctoral student will carry out research in complex algebraic geometry and optimal transport as part of the project above, which is funded by the Swedish Research Council. As part of this, they will write articles (both as single author and in collaborations) and publish in international journals. The project will also present many opportunities to travel and take part in conferences and workshops with possibilities to initiate collaborations with researchers at other universities, both in Sweden and internationally. Upon completion of their doctoral degree, they will be in a good position to apply for national and international postdoc grants, for example the Mathematics Program by the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation or the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Postodctoral Scholarships by the European Research Council. 

Deadline : 2024-06-10

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(04) PhD Position – Fully Funded

PhD position summary/title:–PhD Position in Experimental Physics with focus on Optical Frequency Comb Spectroscopy

We are now seeking a PhD student to work on the project aimed at high-resolution broadband spectroscopy of molecules of importance in astrophysics. Satellite- and ground-based observations of hot-Jupiter exoplanets revealed the presence of molecular species in their atmospheres. The observed spectra carry information about the composition, conditions and photo-chemistry in the exoplanetary atmospheres. To extract this information, accurate theoretical models of high-temperature spectra are needed. These, in turn, must be verified by data obtained from high-precision laboratory measurements. Such data are missing for many molecular species, because high-temperature spectra are difficult to obtain and very congested, and therefore hard to analyze. To circumvent this problem, we employ double-resonance spectroscopy with a frequency comb probe to selectively measure and assign individual hot-band transitions of methane and other molecules of importance in astrophysics. In double-resonance spectroscopy, a high-power laser pumps a single energy level and a weaker laser probes transitions from this selectively populated level to higher energy levels. Using a frequency comb as a probe allows the detection of a large number of these transitions simultaneously with high accuracy. Following the initial demonstration, described in Phys. Rev. Lett. 126, 063001 (2021) Phys. Rev. Lett. 126, 063001 (2021) – Sub-Doppler Double-Resonance Spectroscopy of Methane Using a Frequency Comb Probe ( (doi: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.126.063001), we recently developed a cavity-enhanced system with increased sensitivity for the comb probe, as described in Nat. Commun. 15, 161 (2024) Sub-Doppler optical-optical double-resonance spectroscopy using a cavity-enhanced frequency comb probe | Nature Communications (doi: 10.1038/s41467-023-44417-2). The aim of the PhD project is to use this system to measure and assign hot band transitions reaching the 9000 cm-1 energy levels in ethylene, and to further develop the system to reach the 12000 cm-1 energy levels in methane. The data obtained in the project will allow the verification of the theoretical predictions of high-temperature spectra, which in turn are needed to improve the accuracy of the modelling of high-temperature environments on exoplanets. 

Deadline : 2024-06-10

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(05) PhD Position – Fully Funded

PhD position summary/title:–PhD position in Chemistry, with a specialization in the structural biology of viruses

In your PhD studies, you will carry out research aimed at dissecting how virus particles assemble. You will characterize multi-component complexes involved in the assembly of viruses from the family Pneumoviridae and compare these to related viral families. Using a multi-modal structural biology and biophysics approach you will analyze structure and dynamics of these complexes to dissect the steps of viral assembly. You will employ both reduced in vitro systems to gain high resolution information, as well as large assemblies to gain ultrastructural insight. You will be provided opportunities to learn operation of cryogenic electron microscopes, 3D structure refinement, and model refinement. You will characterize interactions of viral proteins with lipids and their crosstalk with other binding events. The results of the project will provide a significant advance in our understanding of how virus building blocks come together to produce pathogenic progeny.

Deadline : 2024-06-03

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(06) PhD Position – Fully Funded

PhD position summary/title:–PhD-student in medical sciences, occupational and environmental medicine

Cardiovascular diseases are one of the four most important diseases for the global burden of disease (non-communicable diseases) and is currently the leading cause of death. Both air pollution and physical inactivity are among the 10 leading risk factors according to the WHO. Air pollution as a result of vehicular traffic is a significant cause of the cardiovascular effects of morbidity and premature death resulting from exposure to particles. A large part of the dose was obtained in the home because infiltration is high in buildings. The exposure to the highest levels, however, occurs in a traffic environment. Motorized transport increases physical inactivity which plays a significant role in the development of chronic diseases. There is extensive research on how physical activity during free time affects e.g. cardiovascular disease, but information regarding the importance of active transport is limited. BMI is an important mediating factor between physical activity and cardiovascular disease. The typical air association studies lack information regarding any interaction between physical activity and air pollution. It is generally known that high levels of air pollution briefly increase the number of deaths and acute patients with cardiovascular disease, and that the incidence of certain cardiovascular diseases is higher among long-term high-exposed people, but the knowledge of the importance of air pollution for the course of the disease is limited.

Deadline : 2024-05-31

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(07) PhD Position – Fully Funded

PhD position summary/title:–PhD student position in chemistry with a specialization in biochemistry

In your PhD studies, you will use molecular biology/biochemistry and analytical chemistry approaches to characterize the glycosylation patterns that are prevalent in surface proteins of one of the major species groups of the human microbiome (species of the Bacteroidota phylum). This will involve using mass spectrometry and NMR based approaches, as well as synthetic biology techniques, to gain molecular insight into this protein modification. You will also identify and characterize the enzymatic pathways responsible for this modification. You will learn how to use advanced bacterial culture conditions to grow the species of the human gut microbiome in the absence of oxygen. You will also learn how to analyze large datasets.

Deadline : 2024-05-31

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(08) PhD Position – Fully Funded

PhD position summary/title:–PhD-student in medical sciences, Biomedical Engineering

In this research project, the relationship between DBS, treatment outcomes in people with ET and underlying mechanisms is investigated. Within the research project, movement measurement (with motion sensors and optical motion capture systems) and brain imaging with functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) are used to better understand the relationship between electrode placement, stimulation settings, treatment results and the patient’s specific motor dysfunction at brain and body level. This research is expected to give keys to more effective DBS treatments for ET and a better overall understanding of the disease. Read more about the project here.

Deadline : 2024-05-31

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(09) PhD Position – Fully Funded

PhD position summary/title:–PhD position in physical geography, with a focus on fluvial geomorphology and ice dynamics

In the project “Flood Seasons: Impact of seasonality shifts of flooding and ice on river dynamics” we aim to assess how current and future changes in the flooding and ice regime in Nordic rivers impact streambank erosion and sediment transport. In high-latitude and high-altitude rivers, winter ice cover and its break-up can have a large impact on bank erosion and sediment transport. Climate change will affect the ice regime by decreasing the duration of ice cover, altering the number of 0° C-crossings and thus ice break-up events, and change the timing of ice break-up/cover in relation to high flows. In order to understand how climate change will affect ice-related bank erosion and sediment transport, this project will combine various methods, including environmental seismology, river-ice modelling, evaluating historical ice cover data, and field work to examine ice- versus flood-induced bank erosion. 

Deadline : 2024-05-23

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(10) PhD Position – Fully Funded

PhD position summary/title:–PhD position in plant science with a focus on small proteins

We are recruiting a PhD student to work on a project aimed at manipulating plant development using microProtein engineering. MicroProteins are small single-domain proteins that have been shown to control diverse biological pathways. While some microProteins are encoded as individual genes, we have evidence that other microProteins might be hiding in genes and are dynamically expressed in response to changes in the environment. We aim to dissect light and magnetosensing signaling pathways to understand the biotechnological potential of these small proteins and aim to use them as tools to engineer biosynthetic pathways. In the project we will employ forward, and reverse genetics approaches in Arabidopsis plants and yeast, protein biochemistry and biochemical engineering.

Deadline : 2024-05-15

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(11) PhD Position – Fully Funded

PhD position summary/title:–PhD position in Microbiology

A person who is employed as a PhD student shall primarily devote his-/or herself to his/her own education. The project and research environment will give the dedicated student the opportunity to train as a first-class researcher. In this project, the student will explore how pathogenic bacteria build and break down their cell walls. By using cutting-edge techniques, they aim to uncover new insights into bacterial biology and genetics, potentially revealing fresh targets for antibiotic development. The student will employ methods such as transposition-sequencing (Tn-seq) and advanced chromatography (HPLC and UPLC) to examine cell wall composition. They’ll also use mutant libraries for screening and other molecular biology techniques. Results will be carefully documented and presented to contribute to scientific understanding.

Deadline : 2024-05-13

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(12) PhD Position – Fully Funded

PhD position summary/title:–PhD position in Applied Physics with specialization in biomedical engineering and neuroscience

The project is part of the activities within the Center of Biomedical Engineering and Physics as well as Umeå Center for Functional Brain imaging and is carried out in close collaboration with medical expertise at the University Hospital. One of the overall goals with our research in this area is to develop new MRI strategies to study vascular and cerebrospinal fluid flows with applications towards neurological diseases.

As a PhD student in this project, you will develop new knowledge related to collection, reconstruction, and post-processing of magnetic resonance imaging data. A significant part of the work will revolve around new methods to study the glymphatic system, i.e., the brain’s system for transporting away waste products. The project includes experiments on the research magnetic camera at Norrland University Hospital.

Deadline : 2024-05-10

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(13) PhD Position – Fully Funded

PhD position summary/title:–PhD student in Computing Science with focus on Cybersecurity

The multilayer cloud-edge continuum poses several challenges, such as smart placement, workload prediction and relocation, energy usage prediction, and security for critical applications and infrastructures. Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) is one of the critical threats that disrupt the benign services provided by servers based on distributed resources across the Continuum. The key security challenges faced by existing methods, particularly when it comes to DDoS attacks and defence strategies for the cloud-edge continuum. Challenges include unlimited reassignment of resources for microservices under attack, slow reaction time, lack of methods for validation in real environments, and weak kernel architecture in virtualised instances. Moreover, understanding the underlying differences between occasional benign load spikes and massive or stealthy DDoS attacks is unexplored in the cloud-edge continuum. Where machine learning (ML) is deployed both for optimising performance (benign adaptation) and attack detection (DDoS), security researchers face the problem of considering the compound effect of each ML component’s uncertainty.

Deadline : 2024-05-08

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About Umea University, Sweden  –Official Website

Umea University is a university in Umeå in the mid-northern region of Sweden. The university was founded in 1965 and is the fifth oldest within Sweden’s present borders.

As of 2015, Umea University has nearly 31,000 registered students (approximately 16,000 full-time students), including those at the postgraduate and doctoral level. It has more than 4,000 employees, half of which are teachers/researchers, including 368 professors.

Internationally, the university is known for research relating to the genome of the poplar tree and the Norway Spruce, and its highly ranked Institute of (industrial) Design.



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