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Do All Living things Reproduce Sexually?

Answer-  No, very few living things reproduce asexually. Reproduction is the biological process of making identical offspring. Living creatures have two forms of reproduction.

Humans, all mammals, birds, insects, reptiles, and higher plants have sexual reproduction. It’s a sexual reproduction method. Asexual reproduction occurs in invertebrates, chordates, and plants. Asexual reproduction occurs in hydra, plants, and microbes.

Difference between Sexual and Asexual Reproduction

Sexual ReproductionAsexual Reproduction
Gametes, zygotes, and fertilisation are formed.No gametes, zygote, or fertilisation
Reproductive organs formation and involvementNo reproductive organs form or are involved.
It has meiosis and mitosis.It’s just mitosis.
Genetically distinct from their parentsThe offspring are genetically identical.

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